Terms Of Service for Private Commissions


  • The artist draws all-ages subject matter ONLY. NSFW scenarios will not be considered.
  • The artist has the right to decline any commission request for any reason.
  • The artist may stream the creation of the art live on any live broadcasting service. (Out of courtesy, I will not stream an artwork if it is a surprise or private piece. Feel free to ask when I'll be streaming, or watch my social media pages for updates.)
  • Please allow up to two months for the art to be completed, unless discussed otherwise.
  • Two revisions per project are allowed. If the commissioner has already made two revisions on a project and wishes for more, there will be a charge of $30/hour for additional changes to be made. The artist will revise any design or clear direction mistakes free of charge.
  • Prices and available services are subject to change at any time.


  • Payment is due up front unless arranged otherwise. If the commissioner wishes to cancel, they have 24 hours to receive a refund in full, minus PayPal fees.
  • On refunds: If 24 hours have passed, or if the artist has already sent the commissioner a sketch for approval, a 50% refund will be issued.
  • No refunds on completed work will be given at any time. All sales are final for completed art.
  • PayPal only. The artist will provide the PayPal email address to send payment to after a project and price is agreed upon. It is separate from the contact email. The artist may require the commissioner's PayPal email address beforehand in order to send an invoice.
  • The final high-resolution artwork will not be delivered until all invoices have been paid in full.
  • A chargeback initiated by the commissioner will result in the artist declining any future requests for artwork from the commissioner and revocation of the commissioner's repost rights for all delivered artwork related to the chargeback. The artist may resell or reuse any artwork completed before the chargeback.

Rights & Usage

  • The artist retains copyright and distribution/reproduction rights to all commissioned illustrations, including any preview images and the final product unless the commissioner purchases the rights to the image. The artist does not claim ownership of any of the characters or IP drawn on commission.
  • The commissioned image is for personal use only, unless arranged otherwise. Allowable used of the commissioned image include icons, avatars, desktop wallpapers, personal use home printing, etc.
  • The artist may post the image on her professional website, social and art networking websites (DA, FA, FN, Weasyl, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), or other media and use it in her print and/or online portfolio. The artist may name the commissioner and/or link to the commissioner's social media profile(s) in the image's description.
  • The commissioner may NOT sell the commissioned image or prints of the image in any way.
  • If the commissioner decides to post the commissioned image to their FA, DA, Weasyl, or other art website, a link back to the artist is REQUIRED and the image may not be edited in any way without the consent of the artist.
  • You may not trace, copy, reproduce, modify, edit, remove watermarks or signatures, or claim any image I create as your own, whether you paid for its creation or not.


  • I'm one person. Stuff happens. I work at my own pace and things sometimes take longer than originally quoted. If you have any questions, problems, concerns, etc., get in contact with me and I'll make sure you're happy with your order.
  • The artist has the right to modify or change these Terms Of Service at any time without notice. Please contact the artist with any questions regarding the Terms Of Service.
  • By purchasing services provided by the artist, you are agreeing by contract to have read, understood and agreed to the Terms Of Service.


*Noncommercial Art refers to any commissioned pieces made for your personal use, or as a gift for someone else's personal use (see terms outlined above). Terms and usage rights for commercial use art will be determined on a job-by-job basis and agreed upon in writing in contract form before any work is started. Examples of commercial use images include (but may not be limited to): spot illustrations for web and print, stock illustration, advertisements, logo designs, picture book illustrations, book covers, game assets, comic pages, illustrations and designs to be printed on merchandise or sold as art prints.

TL;DR: If you want to make money off any art may I produce for you, let's talk!