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I am currently accepting wait list commission slots! Fill out the form below to be automatically added to the queue- you will not be charged until I'm ready to begin work on your art. I will contact you soon to confirm your spot.

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Base Price*

$25 Each






Telegram Stickers

Trash Can Badge

Custom Vinyl Stickers

Gen 1 Pokemon Stat Badge

Animal Crossing Amiibo Card


*Base prices do not reflect the cost of extras such as complexity, extra prints, add-ons, or shipping.

Commission FAQ

Terms Of Service

My Terms Of Service is required reading for all private clients and can be found here: http://brimercedesart.com/terms-of-service

I retain all reproduction rights to the images I create unless there is a separate agreement made stating otherwise. You still own the rights to your character.

When can I order art?

I normally open for commissions once every 1-2 weeks. I take a limited amount of orders at a time to ensure timely delivery and personalized service. Opening dates are posted on this page, my homepage, and my Twitter. Follow my Twitter profile or subscribe to my Telegram channel for announcements.


Decide what you want ahead of the scheduled opening. Have basic information ready such as your contact email and reference images, and have your PayPal account ready to go. If you're ordering a custom trading card, familiarize yourself with the card's features (because EVERYTHING is customizable). Please note that I do all communication through email. You are responsible for getting back to me in a timely manner in order for me to progress on your commission.


My art generally has a 4 week turnaround time. You can email me anytime to check on your commission.


Payment is only accepted through PayPal invoice at this time and is due 48 hours after invoicing. If your payment is not made within that time period, your commission will be canceled. If you're unable to pay within the 48 hour window, let me know what's up!

Parody Trading Card FAQ

Some things to know about my parody commissions:

  • The images I create are not meant to be used in official play. I will not make bootleg cards.
  • On Proxies: If you want to use your card as a proxy, all the information on your parody card must be the same as on the official card. Make sure it's within the rules to do so, and make sure you own and carry the official card while you play.
  • Though it may be possible, I will not program an NFC chip to function as an actual amiibo for you.
  • Keep in mind that I cannot professionally print trading cards. Each one is printed on photo paper and is hand assembled. They are thicker than official cards. You can tell the difference if you look closely!
  • I use a transparent holographic adhesive overlay to achieve the holofoil effect- I can't print on actual holofoil.
  • The Pokémon, Star Fox, and Animal Crossing series © 2017 Nintendo. I do not claim ownership of these titles. I provide a parody service. I do not produce any physical prints for commercial purposes.