My name is Bri and sometimes I make bread puns and pretend to be a keythong online. I'm a full-time freelance illustrator specializing in self-publishing my own work and doing small jobs such as company logos, T-shirts for parties, and character illustrations for people who also pretend to be animals online. Most of my work caters to the furry community but as long as you enjoy my style, I'm versatile! I attend several conventions  a year (see my Events page). I'm fascinated with design and style, so my portfolio continues to diversify as I learn new techniques.

I received my BFA from Pennsylvania College of Art & Design in 2013; I got married and used my degree as a toilet scrub for two years until I was tired of "normal" employment and dove into the world of online creative business.

I live with my husband Dylan and two cats, Oswald and Sugar, in Elkton, Maryland. My dream is to write, illustrate, and market picture books from a camper van and/or tiny house.